Country Music Headlines

  1. Toby Keith Opens Up After Drunk Driver Strikes Daughter and Family

    Toby Keith’s daughter was recently in a horrible car accident, and the star speaks out about it in a new interview. Continue reading…


  2. Scotty McCreery Cited for Trying to Bring Loaded Gun Through Airport Security

    Scotty McCreery has issued a statement after he was cited for trying to bring a loaded handgun through airport security last week. Continue reading…


  3. Parmalee Dish on Songs From New Album '27861'

    Parmalee are releasing a new album on July 21, and the group shared some of their favorite songs from 27861 when they stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio recently. Continue reading…


  4. Carrie Underwood Preaches Summer Love in New Bikini Pic

    Carrie Underwood is taking it easy with a capital EASY this summer, as exemplified in a new bikini pic shared on the singer's Instagram page. Continue reading…


  5. Newest Julianne Hough Honeymoon Pic Has to Be an Illusion

    That can't be real! A photo showing Julianne Hough being hoisted in the air by husband Brooks Laich defies physics. How is she not toppling over? Continue reading…


ABC News Top Stories

  1. Trump administration, politicians and celebrities react to Sean Spicer’s resignation
  2. Connecticut mother facing deportation seeks sanctuary in local church
  3. WATCH: Protest breaks out at Minneapolis mayor's news conference
  4. Preemie home after Cancun hospital allegedly extorted over $30K from family
  5. Spicer feeling 'relieved' after resignation as White House press secretary

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